Settling into my new office!

After two weeks of unpacking all of my luggage and pre-shipped boxes I'd have to say my office space is almost completed.  I have taken over the extra bedroom in our house so that I have a quiet place for inspiration and a big desk area to edit photos!  I have a perfect little black storage unit that holds my printer, a must needed succulent plant, my favorite quote block "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain" and a love embrace wood carving my mom brought back from Haiti.  All my hard drives are hidden behind: postcard of art, a helicopter ornament, kissing penguins (my favorite animal and a wedding card from a great friend), a starfish glass bowl, and the great Ansel Adams taking a photograph on a car in Yosemite - a reminder that options are limitless and one should always try and get the best photo!  Check out the beautiful Tahitian cabinet Travis bought me to store all my photo equipment.  It adds some great color and beauty to the space.  I have two plants which I am trying my best to keep alive - don't quite have the green thumb yet - but you have to start somewhere :)   I love to surround myself with an entourage of things that hold a great memory.  Some are pictured below.  My Japanese inspiration and token of good luck - The Daruma doll.  "I am loved" pin next to a turtle from Maldives - two gifts from Travis.  Love giraffes that my dad brought back from Africa for me.  A signed Marilyn Monroe test print from Douglas, a block of California palm trees, an elephant I purchased in Bangkok, a little penguin I purchased in Chile and a gator note holder which was a gift from Francoise and also reminds me of my home growing up with the Forest Hollow Gators.  Now I think all I need is some artwork on the wall :)