My gypsy soul... is off to explore China!

My whole life I have been consumed with the passion of traveling. It is the number one thing in my life (next to photography and my family) that truly feeds my soul.  I am so happy when I am out exploring new areas, different cultures, nature and so much more.  So far I have been to over 17 countries and have visited every state in the United States.  I try to make a habit of leaving the country once a year to see a new place and must say having the opportunity to live in Japan this past year has been such a blessing.  So I am taking advantage of living in Asia and am off on my next travel adventure.... I will be spending the next six weeks traveling China and Mongolia! I can't wait to take tons of photos and share all my experiences with everyone.  Follow me on Instagram @mirandaboller and I will see you again in October, Japan!