Welcome Home VFA-115

Welcome Home, VFA-115! What a wonderful homecoming it was.  Being a part of the Helo community this is the first time I took photos of the Jets coming home and let me tell you it's pretty incredible to witness.  Each Jet landed, lined up and then together they opened their canopies as each pilot climbed out of the cockpit. All the pilots got in a line and started walking towards their loved ones with ROSES! Yes, you heard me right... they bring roses for their wives/children and it is just out of this world adorable.  Oh the anticipation and excitement was unreal as all the family members waited patiently for them to get out of the Jets. The patient waiting lasted for a few seconds before everyone started running towards their pilot to get hugs.  I looooove that both grandparents (parents of the pilot) were here for this fly off.  So much fun capturing these moments (and sometimes some happy tears too!).