I'm Teaching a Beginner Photography Course in Tokyo!

 I am so excited to announce I will be teaching a beginners photography course at Artbar Tokyo in Shibuya! This photography course is for beginners who are still learning the basics. We will go over some important photography terms and the main buttons on the camera. This will give you the confidence to be more comfortable with your camera and help you in getting that perfect photo you were looking for.

A two hour class with information, Q&A and hands on practice with your camera.  It's a great class for beginners who just want to understand and visually see the different options on their camera and when to use them.  The first hour will be focused on explaining the basic parts of photography (composition, aperture, shutter speed, iso, white balance).  The second hour will be going outside and getting some hands on practice some photos based on what we went over in the class.

We will provide a printed version of the materials discussed so you can write notes and then we can also go outside and practice some of the things we learned i.e. shooting at F 5.6 vs F 22 - shooting with a slow or fast shutter speed.  

The participation fee is ¥2,000. Which will include individual feedback from me as well as a nice assortment of sparkling wine and small breakfast snacks during the lesson. 

I can't wait to meet everyone and spend two hours talking about photography! Life is good :)