Cherry Blossom Outfit Ideas

I always get asked what is the best outfit or color to wear for my photo session? My advice is don’t wear matching outfits (the usual white t-shirt and jeans look).  Stay away from colors that you do not look good in (yes we all have those colors - yellow for me!) and lean more towards colors and a style you are the most comfortable in.  Coordinate with each other by choosing a simple non busy pattern and pull one of the solid colors in the pattern to connect each person.  You can also think of what colors you would want on your wall if you plan on printing any of the photos.  Also consider your location as Cherry Blossoms are often white or a light pink.  Do you want to stand out against them or blend in with them?  The internet is a great tool for some visuals.  Take some time to google Cherry Blossom family photos and see what people are wearing and which look you like better.  Some have light pinks/whites and they blend in more with the environment and others use blues/teals/purples to stand out more.  Which look do you find the most appealing?  It's all about personal preference! Also, use Pinterest to research "Spring family outfit ideas" if you need some inspiration.  Feel free to contact me if you need help narrowing down some outfit ideas :) 

Photo idea pulled from Pinterest.