Cherry Blossoms: Kayla + Tim

Um SERIOUSLY... these two!! I just can't, hahah yes I just said that.  They are just waayyy too cute. I love photographing family's and kids but the one fun thing about photographing couples is the movability and flexibility we have for more then one location.  I took these two to all of my favorite Cherry Blossom finds in Yamato.  It was quite an adventure driving around, hopping out of the car, taking some quick photographs and then jumping on to the next location.  The most challenging was probably the road as we had a lot of hazards to look out for, but it was oh so worth it.  I can't believe this is the only year I get to photograph Cherry Blossoms since I am PCSing next year.  They are seriously the most breathtaking, magical part of my Japan experience so far.  Thank you to everyone who had me photograph them this season, what wonderful memories we have created <3