Yay! Our house survived!

Wow! what a relief to hear that our house survived Hurricane Irma. We received google imagery to confirm that our house is still standing and our neighbors texted us to say we had no flooding on our street. Everything in our backyard is either missing or in a huge pile so we may have lost all our shed contents and backyard furniture, but I'll take it. Thankfully this weekend I was busy photographing a wedding in VA, so I was distracted from thinking about everything that could go wrong with our home and this hurricane. I just can't get over how lucky we are. I am completely speechless. Now we are just waiting to find out when we are allowed to re-enter Key West. First hurricane down, hoping we don't have anymore in the next 2.5 years! In the meantime I will be staying with my sister editing a beautiful wedding I photographed and taking in some quality family time.