Children: Baby J at 9 months

Look at baby J, now nine months old! So cute to see how much has changed from his six month and three month sessions. He was much more active during this session, wanting to stand on his own and wanting to always crawl away from the teddy bear. Baby J's mom approached me about doing a photo series with her son every three months. Such a cute idea to record these moments in life and use the bear for size. We have completed the three sessions and I am honestly going to miss seeing this family every three months, heheh!  

View photos from the other sessions here: Baby J at 3 months and Baby J at 6 Months


Below are two collages made in order from age 3 mo, 6 mo and 9 mo! So fun to see how baby J's size, hair, face, expressions and even skin tone has changed in the past 9 months :)