Cake Smash: Baby O

Happy First Birthday, Baby Olivia! 1. Look at that fabulous cake made by another military spouse - super cool and tasty! 2. How great is the outfit mom picked out for the Aloha themed cake smash? This cake smash was one for the books (in a good way of course!). Cake smashes go one way or the other, the child has no interest in the cake and wants to crawl everywhere or they just smash away and start eating it. Cake smashes take a lot of patience from everyone for this reason - heheh. We had to put Olivia in front of the cake numerous times to get her interested in eating it and she was willing to get her fingers dirty but the REAL cake smash didn't start until her brother decided he wanted some cake too. It was HILARIOUS to watch Olivia's face as her brother dug into her cake. He was quite the cake smash pro! I love that this happened and we just let them do their thing, because it created some pretty adorable and funny brother and sister cake smashing photos. They did a number on the cake and we were left with just crumbs by the end. Well done team, well done!