Cherry Blossoms: Fox Family

I try to get creative during every photo session. I make sure to get all the “perfect” looking photos with a mix of mom and dad, dad and kids, mom and kids etc. but I also like to throw in some different angles or styles depending on the clients I am photographing. I also ask if anyone has any ideas of a photo they would like from the session. This mom had a brilliant idea of having the cherry blossoms in focus and all of them blurry in the background. It might actually be my all time favorite photo from these minis. Everyone in this family was pretty stoked for their Sakura session, except the youngest who was having a really bad day. Poor mom was really bummed about it since this was my only day I was doing cherry blossom minis, but we made the most of it and for some of the photos you can’t even tell he was having a crying breakdown - poor buds!