Family: Smathers Beach

Major props to this family!! This was by far the windiest photo session I have ever had in Key West. Normally I would reschedule, but this extended family was in town for only the weekend so we didn’t have any other days we could do this session. However, I also believe that capturing photos when the whole family is together is super important, because you never know when everyone will be back together again in one place. Who cares if your hair isn’t perfect or the sky doesn’t deliver sunset colors - it’s all about getting family photos together that will last for generations to come. I’ve photographed Alyssa and her immediate family many times now and I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know them. It was such an honor that she asked me to be her photographer for some extended family photos. I loved getting to meet her mom, dad and brother’s family while they were in town. We made sure to get some photos of each couple as well and all the grandkids with nonna and nonno. Special thanks to Alyssa and her mom for nailing the outfit coordination for this session!