Family: Cordani at Smathers Beach

Look at how adorable these two girls are? They had such fun attitudes this whole session (the little one even wanted some photos with her cute stuffed animal - kitty!) They even had the idea of getting in the water for one of our last photos. They have a photo tradition of including their favorite children book in their yearly family photos so we made sure to include a photo with that as well. This beautiful family won my free photo session giveaway this year! I love giving back to the community and every year give away a free photo session to a military family via FB. I couldn’t get this family to stop smiling - it was so nice to meet them and spend my evening taking photos on Smathers Beach.

Family: Groves in Key West

It is the beginning of holiday photos! Most people wait to book their family photo sessions for holiday cards in November, but I love that this family was on it and booked right away! They just moved here from the west coast and are adjusting to the new Key West life style. Stephanie did such an awesome job of picking out outfits for everyone - such a great island vibe feel and they matched just perfectly. We started off the session with some beautiful green simple backgrounds and then adventured on to the palm tree look of Key West. We even got lucky with a bit of color in the sunset sky. I can’t wait to see which photo they pick for their card! <3

Family: Louwsma

My favorite thing about photo sessions is that I get to meet so many new people and hear their personal stories! I love that I always take photos at Smathers Beach, but every session is so different. The light is different, sometimes we get a beautiful sunset and sometimes it's just cloudy and sometimes we are even competing with weddings! This time around we had three weddings going on in the background. Each session is different and fun in it's own way because I feel like the people mix with the location to make it their own. This was definitely one of those sessions. Kirston and her family were in town for the weekend and wanted some updated photos. She loves palm trees so I really focused on having those in every photo. We also made sure to get a lot of photos of just "mom and dad". I feel like these photos are so often forgotten when kids come into the picture and they are still just as important. Their love was so beautiful! I feel so honored they hired me for this session while they were visiting Key West! How did I get so lucky?!? 


Family: Cacciola

I had the pleasure of photographing Roy and Andrea for their maternity session and once their baby was born we had a newborn session as well. It's always great to get to know the people I photograph and be a part of capturing their life moments. Baby A's grandma, grandpa and uncle were in town and they wanted some updated photos for their home. So we went to my all time favorite location, Smathers beach and took all sorts of family photos including: the whole family, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and a mix of different poses. We even took some with sunglasses since it seems quite appropriate for Key West's sunny weather. We ended the session with a beautiful sunset! It can sometimes be a challenge to get a three month to look at the camera, but baby A was very well behaved and gave us some glances and smiles every once and a while. I had such a wonderful time getting to know this whole family and they made me laugh a lot during this session! Interested in booking a family session of your own?? Feel free to message me with any questions 310.488.8654 


Military: Adios Natea!

It really means a lot to me when previous clients re-hire me for photo sessions :). I photographed Natea's baby boy for Halloween Minis last year and she contacted me this month about doing a quick photo session in her uniform since she is getting out of the military soon! What a fun idea, right?!? It's always such an honor to photograph military members. We made sure to get a few with the whole family as well. Natea:: Thank you for serving our country and congrats on getting out of the military! I wish you all the best in your next career adventure! :) 


Family: Simmons

I had such a fun family session at Smathers Beach in Key West! Look at this cute family <3 We started off this photo session with some sunglasses photos - because it's so sunny here it felt very appropriate. From there we took some photos on the mini boardwalk and continued onto the beach. Mom did a wonderful job on the outfit choices - the pretty pinks, yellows and blues went so well with the beach grass and matched the sunset. Also, how adorable is E? She was all about twirling, jumping and smiling for the camera :) 


Family: Farka

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet so many fun, new people. I also love that every session is unique! This family: mom, dad and 17 year old son were in town on vacation in Key West. I am so excited they hired me to take some updated photos of their family. We made sure to get some of just mom and dad too! I am not going to lie I was a bit nervous, because she is a photographer as well so the pressure was on to get some good photographs! We had a wonderful time wandering Smathers beach for all my favorite photo spots and of course made sure we got a sunset photo! <3 <3 


Family: Casler

I absolutely LOVE family sessions (because I am a huge family person) and photographing a family of seven was definitely a fun time! Half this family loves the beach and the other half doesn't like the sand so we decided to meet halfway and take photos at Ft. Zachary. This way we could take some photos in the trees and then take some photos on the beach. It happened to be quite a cold and windy day in Key West (yes those days exist every once in a while, hehe!). Everyone was super positive and had great attitudes during the whole session even though it was pretty cold. I also can't get over how great of a job mom did on outfit coordination! I am so lucky to meet such wonderful people and have the opportunity to create beautiful photographs together :) #luckyme

Family: Linberg

This fun family of five brought tons of smiles and laughter to our photo session. Mom did such a great job on the outfit coordination and it worked so well with this Smathers beach location. We spent some time on the beach and on the entrance walkway, which is one of my many favorite parts of this Key West beach! We also made sure to get a few of just mom and dad. Love is so sweet, isn't it? <3


Picco Family

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the color teal so I was super exited to see this mom in a gorgeous teal dress. We had such a fun family session at Smathers beach and took full advantage of the beach grass. How pretty is the soft light colors of this grass with this family's outfit choices? I could have taken photos in this location for hours! These kiddos were also so well behaved and all smiles the whole time, which is always a bonus. We couldn't end the session without a few beach and palm tree photos as well. I can't wait to see what photo they choose for their Christmas card! Holiday time is here and I am loving all these photo sessions <3 #luckyme


These kid's grandpa got engaged last week and they wanted me to take a couple photos of grandpa and future grandma during their family session. How cute are these two? Love is just the sweetest thing and I was honored to be able to capture a few photos of them <3 Also small world, this family lives literally a five minute drive from where I grew up outside Washington D.C. So crazy! 


Christmas Minis: P Family

I started off my Christmas minis with my friends on the beach and it was quite an eventful morning. These two kiddos were super cute but had no interest in posing for the camera so we got tons of candids of them :) I personally am a huge fan of the candid moments! They even decided to unwrap the gifts. I warned them they were just empty boxes but they still had such a great time unwrapping everything! The holidays are quickly approaching. Book your Christmas Mini now -  


Fort Zachary Family Session

This beautiful mom contacted me to get some photos of their family with their new baby and we had so much fun wandering around Fort Zachary. I could have photographed this family forever, they were so friendly and full of ideas for our session. I loved that they wanted to contribute their ideas and we worked together to get all the photos they wanted :) The bright colors they chose to wear were just the perfect amount of contrast for the blue and green colors of Key West. Oh what a fun Sunday of photography!    


Karen, Wynn & Diesel

I seriously, can't. These three just melted my heart! They were visiting Key West from good ol' GA and wanted some family photos.  I met them at a local RV resort they were staying at and we took an hour exploring the grounds to get some fabulous "Key West Feel" photos.  Such great energy all three of them had and a perfect night chasing the light (and running from the usual nightly rainstorms!).  Also, is it just me or is this pink jumper the all time best outfit?!? It was all just perfect! 

Smathers Beach Family Session

I met Ali during one of my photo courses in Japan and she contacted me for a family session during her vacation time in Key West.  So exciting that my first Key West session was with a friend!  We had about 15 minutes before it decided to downpour on us and even tried to wait out the rain, but we still managed to get some cute photos.  I also can't get over how adorable their outfits were, so nice to see the pink and white blend with a purple pop from grandma! Smathers Beach is by far my favorites place so far, so beachy and FL feeling!! :) 

A and A Shichi-Go-San

These two were oh so cute in their traditional Japanese clothing. 七五三 ( Shichi-Go-San )(7-5-3) is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children at the age of 7, 5 and 3.  I love how their mom approached me about this themed photo session since November is the month Japanese children dress in kimonos and take photographs.  Like I have said before, photography is so often a collaboration and we had a great time getting some photographs of these two!  We used one of my favorite locations near Yamato and the best part was the whole family was there for the session. Grandma and Grandpa came along so we of course had to get a family photo of everyone at the end.  

Special thanks to their mom for capturing this fabulous behind the scenes photo of me <3

Hodges Family

I photographed these cute kids during Cherry Blossom season and their mom wanted a session with dad as soon as he returned from sea so we did a mini session in the same park.  Spring is definitely here, great weather and beautiful light for photo sessions!  

Cherry Blossoms: Rzeszut Family

It has been so much fun watching all the cherry blossoms bloom throughout the Atsugi area and even more fun photographing tons of different people.  This family was so sweet andbaby C was ADORABLE! He wouldn't stop looking at the camera, which we all know always makes a great photo. This family also took the opportunity to announce they are expecting a second child with the sonogram photograph.  Such a fun surprise when they told me.  I loved how mom showed up in a pink jacket (which also matched the cherry blossoms) so I just had to take a photo of her in that moment as well.  So many beautiful moments, I am so blessed! <3 

Cherry Blossoms: Giddings Family

Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom but it didn't feel like Spring later in the day.  I give this family a lot of credit because they were all smiles with the chilly wind and weather.  You can't tell here, with their happy energy and loving cuddles, but it was cold!! Baby S made the session super fun with her cute face and giggles!  So much love and laughter I get to surround myself with during these photo sessions. I just can't get over how lucky I am! 

Cherry Blossoms: Parente Family

Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom and man, oh man, they are BREATHTAKING! I totally get the hype on this beautiful season in Japan.  I am that person who drives down the street constantly stopping my car to stare at the random flowers and trees throughout our neighborhood hahah!  I seriously don't want the blossoms to ever go away. Okay now back to this session.  I believe it is important to give back to the community and donated a photo session to AOSA (Atsugi Officers' Spouses' Association) and Sophia won the raffle so she decided to do a Cherry Blossom session.  I also spent weeks searching for the best location and this river walk was finally in bloom so it was all perfection for this family session (including their amazing clothing selection).  When the kids got tired of being photographed we put them in the back corner and took some intimate photos of mom and dad.  What a great start to my second weekend of cherry blossoms photos! <3