Family Photographer

Family: Tocco at Smathers Beach

Oh it is my favorite time of the year at Smathers Beach where the sun sets through all the palm trees and the light is BEAUTIFUL! I am literally obsessed and had to remind myself to make sure we got photos with the water as well. This mom contacted me about a mommy and me mini session and then last minute changed it to a family session. I am so glad she did because it was so fun to get to know her little ones and husband as we strolled along the beach to get various photos in different locations. When the kiddos needed a break we made sure to get some couple photos as well… In my opinion you can never have too many photos of each other :)

Children: Sibling Photos at Ft. Zachary

These three siblings had birthday celebrations (and half birthday celebrations) within a few months of each other so their mom wanted some updated photos of all three of them! We both agreed on Ft. Zachary as a location to do something a bit different than all the other photo locations we have used together (this family is the ultimate best on the amount of times they have hired me to capture their family moments! I feel so special). I really wanted something symbolic so I was super excited to find this stump the kids could sit on with the tree growing next to it. It provided a fun little sitting prop for the kiddos and for size comparison of all three. I also think trees represent so much (family tree, growth etc.) so it was the perfect spot for these birthday photos. We even made sure to get a few of the whole family because they are the cutest and their mom is always on point with the best outfits. We ended the photo session on the beach with the rocks and some candids of baby A running in the water - she’s a beach baby at heart, no doubt. It was a lot of fun trying out some new Key West spots besides just the beach with palm trees and spending some time with this lovely family <3 I am looking forward to our next photo session sometime in the future!


Family: Louwsma

My favorite thing about photo sessions is that I get to meet so many new people and hear their personal stories! I love that I always take photos at Smathers Beach, but every session is so different. The light is different, sometimes we get a beautiful sunset and sometimes it's just cloudy and sometimes we are even competing with weddings! This time around we had three weddings going on in the background. Each session is different and fun in it's own way because I feel like the people mix with the location to make it their own. This was definitely one of those sessions. Kirston and her family were in town for the weekend and wanted some updated photos. She loves palm trees so I really focused on having those in every photo. We also made sure to get a lot of photos of just "mom and dad". I feel like these photos are so often forgotten when kids come into the picture and they are still just as important. Their love was so beautiful! I feel so honored they hired me for this session while they were visiting Key West! How did I get so lucky?!? 


Family: Cacciola

I had the pleasure of photographing Roy and Andrea for their maternity session and once their baby was born we had a newborn session as well. It's always great to get to know the people I photograph and be a part of capturing their life moments. Baby A's grandma, grandpa and uncle were in town and they wanted some updated photos for their home. So we went to my all time favorite location, Smathers beach and took all sorts of family photos including: the whole family, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and a mix of different poses. We even took some with sunglasses since it seems quite appropriate for Key West's sunny weather. We ended the session with a beautiful sunset! It can sometimes be a challenge to get a three month to look at the camera, but baby A was very well behaved and gave us some glances and smiles every once and a while. I had such a wonderful time getting to know this whole family and they made me laugh a lot during this session! Interested in booking a family session of your own?? Feel free to message me with any questions 310.488.8654 


Family: Farka

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet so many fun, new people. I also love that every session is unique! This family: mom, dad and 17 year old son were in town on vacation in Key West. I am so excited they hired me to take some updated photos of their family. We made sure to get some of just mom and dad too! I am not going to lie I was a bit nervous, because she is a photographer as well so the pressure was on to get some good photographs! We had a wonderful time wandering Smathers beach for all my favorite photo spots and of course made sure we got a sunset photo! <3 <3 


Family: Casler

I absolutely LOVE family sessions (because I am a huge family person) and photographing a family of seven was definitely a fun time! Half this family loves the beach and the other half doesn't like the sand so we decided to meet halfway and take photos at Ft. Zachary. This way we could take some photos in the trees and then take some photos on the beach. It happened to be quite a cold and windy day in Key West (yes those days exist every once in a while, hehe!). Everyone was super positive and had great attitudes during the whole session even though it was pretty cold. I also can't get over how great of a job mom did on outfit coordination! I am so lucky to meet such wonderful people and have the opportunity to create beautiful photographs together :) #luckyme

Fort Zachary Family Session

This beautiful mom contacted me to get some photos of their family with their new baby and we had so much fun wandering around Fort Zachary. I could have photographed this family forever, they were so friendly and full of ideas for our session. I loved that they wanted to contribute their ideas and we worked together to get all the photos they wanted :) The bright colors they chose to wear were just the perfect amount of contrast for the blue and green colors of Key West. Oh what a fun Sunday of photography!