Natea: Adios Military!

It really means a lot to me when previous clients re-hire me for photo sessions :). I photographed Natea's baby boy for Halloween Minis last year and she contacted me this month about doing a quick photo session in her uniform since she is getting out of the military soon! What a fun idea, right?!? It's always such an honor to photograph military members. We made sure to get a few with the whole family as well. Natea:: Thank you for serving our country and congrats on getting out of the military! I wish you all the best in your next career adventure! :) 


Mommy + Me: Lisa and Baby J

Such a fun early morning Mommy + Me mini session with Lisa and baby J. I have photographed baby J with just his dad for a photo series we are doing every three months, so I was very excited to get some with mom this time around :) Mom was glowing in the Key West sun and Baby J was all smiles being out on on the beach with his toes in the sand and water!


Simmons Family

I had such a fun family session at Smathers Beach in Key West! Look at this cute family <3 We started off this photo session with some sunglasses photos - because it's so sunny here it felt very appropriate. From there we took some photos on the mini boardwalk and continued onto the beach. Mom did a wonderful job on the outfit choices - the pretty pinks, yellows and blues went so well with the beach grass and matched the sunset. Also, how adorable is E? She was all about twirling, jumping and smiling for the camera :) 


Farka Family

One of the best things about being a photographer is getting to meet so many fun, new people. I also love that every session is unique! This family: mom, dad and 17 year old son were in town on vacation in Key West. I am so excited they hired me to take some updated photos of their family. We made sure to get some of just mom and dad too! I am not going to lie I was a bit nervous, because she is a photographer as well so the pressure was on to get some good photographs! We had a wonderful time wandering Smathers beach for all my favorite photo spots and of course made sure we got a sunset photo! <3 <3 


Senior Session: Mairelys

Look at my beautiful friend, Mairelys! We both work together at Hogfish Bar & Grill and I was so excited to photograph her senior session. We decided to do a fun Key West theme photo session which included highlights of Key West. We of course could not leave out the Conch shell since this is her high school mascot. We finished the photo session at Ft. Zachary with some sunset photos and a few of her in the cap and gown. Bonus - we had her lovely sister with us to be an assistant and fix hair ;) She did a great job and we made sure to get a few photos of them together too. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this session. I can't pick a top favorite, I love them all! Hope you love them as much as I do <3

Casler Family

I absolutely LOVE family sessions (because I am a huge family person) and photographing a family of seven was definitely a fun time! Half this family loves the beach and the other half doesn't like the sand so we decided to meet halfway and take photos at Ft. Zachary. This way we could take some photos in the trees and then take some photos on the beach. It happened to be quite a cold and windy day in Key West (yes those days exist every once in a while, hehe!). Everyone was super positive and had great attitudes during the whole session even though it was pretty cold. I also can't get over how great of a job mom did on outfit coordination! I am so lucky to meet such wonderful people and have the opportunity to create beautiful photographs together :) #luckyme

Baby A

OH MY GOODNESS! Look at how adorable baby A is! Only 10 days young, she was such a perfect little model for these posed photos. I photographed mom and dad's maternity session before she was born and am so grateful I had the opportunity to take these photos. We had to have a mermaid theme since hello, KEY WEST. It was also important to get some America themed photos since her daddy is in the Coast Guard and last but not least, Easter is coming up so a BUNNY costume was a must too! I honestly can't choose my top favorite :) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

*I have received numerous requests to do posed baby photos and am excited to announce that I now have a studio set up and am able to adventure more into this creative look. If you are interested in posed photos or a lifestyle newborn session (or both!) please contact me to book a session.* 


Baby J at 6 Months

Look at baby J now six months old! So cute to see how much his facial expressions have changed and how active he is now when you compare the photos from his three month session. He is almost as big as the teddy bear prop! Baby J's mom approached me about doing a photo series with her son. We are doing a series of taking photographs when he is 3 months (see those photos here), 6 months and 9 months with the same prop of this big teddy bear. We also did a few with dad :) Can't wait to see his cute face three months from now! 


Senior Session: Konrad

One of my favorite things about being a portrait photographer is getting to know each person I photograph. I had the honor of photographing Konrad for his senior photos. He loves camping outdoors and hiking so we avoided the beach and took advantage of some of the more tropical/tree/brick areas available on Key West. He's also into science, space and video games :) We didn't have a location on this island that best represented this but I loved exploring Martello tower and learning fun facts about the island from Konrad. Can't believe it's already time to celebrate the class of 2018!


Andrea Maternity

Oh Baby! Oh Baby! I am just madly in love with this photo session. I can't ever pick a favorite since I am pretty convinced I fall in love with every session I do, but this one is on the top of my list of "making me feel all the good feels" heheh. These two were part of my Halloween minis and I was super excited they had me photograph their maternity session too! Andrea was glowing the whole time and I was super stoked she was willing to get on some of the beach rocks and in the water. I think it made for some super stunning photos that they will be get to cherish for a life time. Special shoutout to her husband Roy who was a great assistant on holding Andrea's dress out and running out of the photo just in time to get some great dress in motion photos (third to last photo). Key West you are becoming such a wonderful playground for these photo sessions! 


Jennifer & Drew

I spent the holidays with my family in Chesapeake, VA and man oh man it was cold (well compared to Key West that is!). My sister wanted some updated photos of her, her hubby and dog for their house. I was obviously all about this because I truly feel you never need a special occasion to get updated photos of the ones you love in your life. So we explored a local park and had to make it pretty quick since it was a bit chilly! Loving that this was my first photo session of 2018 and that they will have some photos by me hanging on their walls the next time I come to visit! <3 


Happy Holidays!

Oh, 2017 you have been quite an adventure! Travis and I left Japan in January, spent our 21 day honeymoon in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Lived in an RV in San Diego for a few months for Navy training, drove across the country, settled into Key West in June and then evacuated for a month due to hurricane Irma! We were constantly on the move but I somehow still managed to get in some photo sessions. I am beyond THANKFUL for the amazing photo memories each of us have created together. I'm very much looking forward to 2018 and the opportunity to capture many more beautiful moments in sunny Key West!


Paige & Dustin

This awesome couple was visiting Key West for a few days from Texas. They contacted me about taking some professional photos while on vacation. So I took them to my top two favorite locations. It was so much fun to do an outfit change in between to get a different feel for each location as well. I learned a lot about these two, which I will keep off the blog, but Paige is a pretty bad ass woman ;) So happy they decided to hire me to capture some updated couple photos. I definitely don't think you need a reason besides L O V E to take professional photos and their love is pretty evident in all their photos <3 


Linberg Family

This fun family of five brought tons of smiles and laughter to our photo session. Mom did such a great job on the outfit coordination and it worked so well with this Smathers beach location. We spent some time on the beach and on the entrance walkway, which is one of my many favorite parts of this Key West beach! We also made sure to get a few of just mom and dad. Love is so sweet, isn't it? <3


Q & A With Laura Kasper Photography

I follow a lot of different photographers on facebook and instagram because it's always fun to see what other photographers are up to and who doesn't love seeing great photos? Part of my morning routine is looking to see what new photos have been posted on social media and one of my favorites, by far, is Laura Kasper Photography. Her photos are always full of so much personality and real emotions (below are just a few of them!). I briefly met her while I was living in Japan and definitely wish I had more time there to get to know her.  So I'm not going to lie I was super excited that she was up for answering some questions for my 2017 photographer Q&A blog post. If you are looking for a fabulous photographer in Atsugi/Zama/Tokyo or wherever she ends up next in this military adventure, I would highly recommend getting in touch with her -  :) enjoy! 

1. Being in the military we all travel a lot, so where did you grow up? My Dad was in the Navy so we lived in Virginia, California and then finally settled in Maryland.

2. When did you start getting interested in photography? I have always been interested in the arts growing up. I painted, took ballet lessons and figure skated competitively for 16 years but I really didnt start getting into photography until after I had my first daughter. My husband gifted me my first camera before his first deployment so I started practicing every day taking pictures of her and of all my travels while he was away. Pretty soon, I was taking family photos for friends and realized how much I love it!

3. What's your favorite part about being a photographer? I love being able to capture real moments and memories for people. I love being able to capture emotions, details and clients' personality in the images. I love how photography pushes me creatively which really gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

4. What would you recommend every person should hire a photographer for?I would say any event or lifestyle session where a photographer can spend time with you whether that be in your home, favorite park or anywhere where you and your family feel the most relaxed and happy. 

5. Quickly describe a common photo session with you: I love to make each session a memorable one. I want everyone to feel relaxed and have some fun! I do a mixture of posed and candid shots. I like the posed to warm up with until everyone is more comfortable then we move to candid where we can really capture some real emotions. 

6. Photo advice for the someone wanting to take a good photograph? I would say, think about light and emotions. These can really add to a photo. Different types of light can make a photo more interesting with how it highlights or creates shadows on your subject. I love photographs where the subject is conveying some sort of emotion that makes me feel something in return. I’m all about that feels, ha!

7. Just for fun, what is your favorite quote?

I love this one since I’m petite, haha!!  "Though she be but little, she is fierce!” William ShakespeareA Midsummer Night's Dream

A good inspirational quote, 

"Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind



 Photos © Laura Kasper Photography&nbsp;

Photos © Laura Kasper Photography 

Danielle & Chris

I love taking photos for friends especially when they use them for their holiday cards! Danielle and Chris wanted to make sure they included their two pups in some of the photos so we did a beach session. The water was so clear and the sky a perfect hue of blue. Loving this session and the awesome jumping photo that Danielle mastered on the first try! 


Baby J at 3 Months

Baby J's mom approached me about doing a photo series with her son. We are taking photographs when he is 3 months, 6 months and 9 months with the same prop of this big teddy bear. We also did a few with dad :) I can't wait to see how much his facial expressions change and how big he gets during each session. Stay tuned for the next round at the end of February 2018. 


Picco Family

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with the color teal so I was super exited to see this mom in a gorgeous teal dress. We had such a fun family session at Smathers beach and took full advantage of the beach grass. How pretty is the soft light colors of this grass with this family's outfit choices? I could have taken photos in this location for hours! These kiddos were also so well behaved and all smiles the whole time, which is always a bonus. We couldn't end the session without a few beach and palm tree photos as well. I can't wait to see what photo they choose for their Christmas card! Holiday time is here and I am loving all these photo sessions <3 #luckyme


These kid's grandpa got engaged last week and they wanted me to take a couple photos of grandpa and future grandma during their family session. How cute are these two? Love is just the sweetest thing and I was honored to be able to capture a few photos of them <3 Also small world, this family lives literally a five minute drive from where I grew up outside Washington D.C. So crazy! 


Nicole Maternity

Could Nicole be any more beautiful? Seriously, she was just glowing in that gorgeous white dress! Nicole, Kyle and I did a little island tour for this maternity session. Key West has tons of fun photo locations and the small island makes it easy to jump from one location to another (well technically drive in a car, but you get what I mean). We ended our photo session at Ft. Zachary with quite a surreal sunset. You can see it's pretty cotton candy colors turned into vibrant blues and oranges. Wow! Wow! Wow! We even had a stranger say "I don't think you could have had a better sunset for those photos".