Carey and Michael Key West

Carey and Michael were visiting Key West from brrrrr cold New Jersey and wanted some couple photographs taken. This was a super special session to me for many reasons :) I LOVE taking photos of couples and there never needs to be an occasion, besides just loving each other and wanting updated photos! When I mentioned how pretty the light is in the morning they both said they were down for a sunrise session and man, oh man was it worth getting up super early for these photos. The sunrise was spectacular with pretty purples, blues and pinks! After we took a few photographs on the beach, we jumped in my car and drove around the island to some of my favorite photo locations. I've been a professional photographer for over ten years but one of the grand challenges about always moving for the military is having to find new photo spots, be inspired all over again and find new clients. A huge thank you to Carey and Michael for hiring me for this session, as being a new photographer to the Key West area they took a chance and I hope it paid off. Such a wonderful morning getting to know these two and exploring our little islands best spots <3 


Christmas Minis | P Family

I started off my Christmas minis with my friends on the beach and it was quite an eventful morning. These two kiddos were super cute but had no interest in posing for the camera so we got tons of candids of them :) I personally am a huge fan of the candid moments! They even decided to unwrap the gifts. I warned them they were just empty boxes but they still had such a great time unwrapping everything! The holidays are quickly approaching. Book your Christmas Mini now -  


Fort Zachary Family Session

This beautiful mom contacted me to get some photos of their family with their new baby and we had so much fun wandering around Fort Zachary. I could have photographed this family forever, they were so friendly and full of ideas for our session. I loved that they wanted to contribute their ideas and we worked together to get all the photos they wanted :) The bright colors they chose to wear were just the perfect amount of contrast for the blue and green colors of Key West. Oh what a fun Sunday of photography!    


Halloween Minis: Zombie Oh Baby!

Oh baby, oh baby check out this zombie and her baby bump! She got professionally painted for the zombie bike ride and it's pretty SPOOKTACULAR. So happy we got to get dad in a few photos as well. I'm so lucky I got to photograph so many adults during this years Halloween minis, it was a first and totally worth it! :) Hope everyone has a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 


Halloween Minis: Zombie

Key West has an annual zombie bike ride where everyone dresses up as zombies and we bike ride from the airport to Duval street. Over 6,000 people attend and it is quite a sight to see. After all that work of putting together the perfect costume and doing makeup, it would be crazy not to get some photos. I have to say my favorite photograph is the one where my dog decided he wanted to jump in on the festivities. He seems pretty interested in what's going on for this photo session!  


Halloween Minis: Baby J

Baby J arrived at his mini session right after a nap and was a bit hesitant. He was super curious as to who I was with such a large camera and lights. With moms help we got him to open up and got some genuine smiles out of him. Besides, what kid can't resist a bucket full of candy? Baby J sure did light up my day with his cute smile! :) 


Halloween Minis: Andrea and Roy

I've never photographed adults for Halloween minis but when I received a message from Andrea I was totally on board to give it a try! I am so excited I got to meet these two and we were able to get some super cute maternity photos for their collection. I'm also looking forward to more photo sessions with them in the future :) Just so you know, repeat clients get a free print package ;)   


Senior Session: Kyleigh

Evacuating from Key West brought me to VA to stay with my sister. I brought just the essentials with me (my cameras and computer) and was asked if I could photograph a senior session in downtown Norfolk. This session was super special to me because this senior is the daughter of my dear old friend (who also use to babysit me and my sisters when I was a little kid). Yes, this made me feel super old, hahah but it was soooo much fun to catch up with her and get to know her daughter. Check out beautiful Kyleigh. She has been a dancer for years so we had to make sure we included some dancing photos. We also did some fun nature ones in a local garden. I love all the different outfits Kyleigh brought and how great she was in front of the camera! 

Special thanks to Kyleigh's mom for these candid behind the scenes! 

Special thanks to Kyleigh's mom for these candid behind the scenes! 

Yay! Our house survived!

Wow! what a relief to hear that our house survived Hurricane Irma. We received google imagery to confirm that our house is still standing and our neighbors texted us to say we had no flooding on our street. Everything in our backyard is either missing or in a huge pile so we may have lost all our shed contents and backyard furniture, but I'll take it. Thankfully this weekend I was busy photographing a wedding in VA, so I was distracted from thinking about everything that could go wrong with our home and this hurricane. I just can't get over how lucky we are. I am completely speechless. Now we are just waiting to find out when we are allowed to re-enter Key West. First hurricane down, hoping we don't have anymore in the next 2.5 years! In the meantime I will be staying with my sister editing a beautiful wedding I photographed and taking in some quality family time. 

Evacuating Key West....

We finally unpacked our whole house about two weeks ago (two separate household goods shipments makes it quite the adventure) and Key West was just starting to feel like home. However, two days ago we were ordered to evacuate our little island due to hurricane Irma. I packed up the most important things in our house - my computer, camera equipment and photo albums. Travis, fuji-pup and I hit the road and made it to our final destination of VA where our family lives. Now it's just a waiting game to see what this predicted CAT 5 storm will do. Sending all my good vibes to everyone in Irma's path. 

Happy Birthday Douglas!

#throwback to the lovely photo session I had with Douglas and Francoise Kirkland during my LA visit in April.  Even after working with Douglas for eight years I was super nervous to photograph him, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  Douglas and Francoise are two of my favorite people and I really wanted to get some portraits of them that showed their love for each other.  They both inspire me every day to live a life full of love and photography ;) Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Douglas!  I am sure your day will be full of laughter, great food, photos and relaxation in the Hollywood Hills! 


Karen, Wynn & Diesel

I seriously, can't. These three just melted my heart! They were visiting Key West from good ol' GA and wanted some family photos.  I met them at a local RV resort they were staying at and we took an hour exploring the grounds to get some fabulous "Key West Feel" photos.  Such great energy all three of them had and a perfect night chasing the light (and running from the usual nightly rainstorms!).  Also, is it just me or is this pink jumper the all time best outfit?!? It was all just perfect! 

Smathers Beach Family Session

I met Ali during one of my photo courses in Japan and she contacted me for a family session during her vacation time in Key West.  So exciting that my first Key West session was with a friend!  We had about 15 minutes before it decided to downpour on us and even tried to wait out the rain, but we still managed to get some cute photos.  I also can't get over how adorable their outfits were, so nice to see the pink and white blend with a purple pop from grandma! Smathers Beach is by far my favorites place so far, so beachy and FL feeling!! :) 

Dave Headshots

I made a quick trip up to Los Angeles to see visit some friends and was asked if I could photograph Dave while visiting my friends workplace.  I had such a fun time photographing his headshots with both a business look and a casual look.  Once again, I think its so important to never limit yourself with photography (hence I love photographing everything from real estate, family sessions, babies and headshots).  It's also super important in headshots to have different options so you can use the images for different needs.  Business look is a must but I absolutely love the orange sweatshirt look below, it really pops in the photograph and emphasizes Dave's friendly personality :)  

Hello, USA! I'm Back!

In January our house got packed up and everything was shipped stateside.  We then spent 21 days on our honeymoon exploring South East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand).  Now we have arrived in good ol' USA.  I'll be hanging out in San Diego for a few months while the hubby does training.  Then we are off to Key West, FL for our next duty station.  I am looking forward to having some down time to update my website, blog and many photo projects including some books.  Also, I really missed good bloody marys and burritos so that may just be my first mission this week!  If you're interested in a session while I am here in San Diego please contact me at 310.488.8654  

Boller Last Flight

BOLLER last flight! Yup, you read that right! Today was my hubby's last flight and man on man it was so bitter sweet. Reality that we are leaving Japan hit me when they packed up our home last month and shipped it off to the USA, but this hit me even harder seeing Travis land during his last flight for HSM51.  It has been such a wonderful life changing experience being a part of this squadron.  So super sad to be leaving everyone and Japan, but we are very excited for our next adventure in Key West, FL! Also, talk about an EPIC sunset for this session :)