2016, It's a Wrap!

Wow! Where do I even begin to explain how amazing 2016 was! In 2015, I packed up my whole life I had created in California, drove across the country to get married in Virginia, and then jumped on a plane to move to Japan just two days after saying our "I do's." It was a flurry of life changing events in less than a month. As excited as I was, I was also terrified about what I was going to do with my life and if I would be forced to give up my passion of photography.  In Los Angeles, I had an incredible job with a world-renowned photographer and his wife in the Hollywood Hills (who I consider to be family) and had my own business photographing families, real estate and still-life. I could only hope that I would have the opportunity to pursue my passion and career all the way across the Pacific Ocean in Japan. I thought I would get lucky and have a handful of photo sessions during my year living in Atsugi, but boy, oh boy 2016 proved me wrong in so many (good) ways! I can't believe how blessed I have been to be a part of so many different people's lives and memories this year. To be able to continue with my photography is more than I could ever ask for (extra thanks to my wonderful husband for his never-ending support).  Most of all, thank you so much to all my new friends. I am so grateful for all of you, and will always cherish the amazing photo memories we have created together.  It hurts my heart to be leaving Japan, but I'm looking forward to our next adventure and the opportunity to photograph many more beautiful moments in sunny Key West!

Petra & Craig Sayonara

Oh My Gosh! This sayonara session was a blast! I met Petra at an art paint night in Tokyo and she recently contacted me to take photos of her and her husband.  They are moving back to the states later this month and wanted to get some photos of them two in Japan.  They had a fantastic idea of getting some early morning photos at Meiji Shrine in Shibuya and man oh man..... that early morning light is to die for! It was also a major bonus to have no people in our photos :) I mean seriously, how magical are these shrine photos!?! It makes me never want to leave Japan! We then took an afternoon stroll through the Ginza to get some photographs of them on the crowded street (which is closed off to car traffic on Saturdays and Sundays). We even managed to run into some angels on the street ;) oh Japan! The juxtaposition of these two scenes truly captures what one can experience when living here in Japan. Thank you Petra and Craig for a fabulous morning (it was so worth getting up at 6:00AM) and afternoon getting to know each other and taking beautiful photos together <3 

Q&A with Rachele Frickey Photography

I've been looking forward to meeting Rachele Frickey ever since I moved to Atsugi and saw her beautiful photos on FB.  I think it's super important to get to know other photographers around you to share ideas, questions, collaborate etc.  When I found this fabulous location I had to not only share it with others (pin is on my FB page because it is amazing! ) but had to get some photos of my own, especially since Travis and I are leaving Japan in a little over a month!  I was so excited that Rachele was free on a Saturday to meet Travis and I at this local temple. Check out some of the  gorgeous photos by Rachele >>>>.  

Below is a fun Q&A with Rachele and if you live in the Atusgi/Zama area I would definitely recommend hiring her to record your life moments <3 (LOVE her answer to #4). 

1. Being in the military we all travel a lot, so where did you grow up? Ohio. Go Buckeyes! O-H…

2. When did you start getting interested in photography? I’ve always liked something about taking photos but after having children it became a true passion!

3. What is your favorite part about being a photographer in Japan? The culture. I love everything about the Japanese architecture and culture! I also enjoy being about to capture such an awesome time in the fellow military families lives being stationed here!

4. What would you recommend every person should have/hire a photographer for? A documentary session! I would personally recommend every family hire a photographer to spend a few hours hanging out and photographing them in their real life. See your lives as they are, take a trip to your favorite ice cream parlor, bake cookies, or even hanging out at your local park. You in your day, how you live. Every family has a story worth telling.

5. Quickly describe a common photo session with you: I strive to provide an experience that my clients will always remember. I want them to feel comfortable and natural with me, but most importantly to have fun!

6. Photo advice for the average person wanting to take a good photo? Lighting. Always be aware of your light source. Pay attention to how the light is interacting with the scene and the subject. Is it highlighting an area or casting interesting shadows.These are things you can utilize to make an ordinary photo extraordinary. 

7. Just for fun, what is your favorite quote? Oh, man!! I have a few!!

 "Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air." -Emerson,

"How people treat you is their karma; How you react is yours." -Wayne Dyer,  

"Train your mind to see the good in every situation. Creativity is not a completion." - Autumn SkyHall

Photos  © Rachele Frickey Photography 2016.

To see more of her photographs check out: http://rachelefrickeyphotography.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/RacheleFrickeyPhotography/ 

Lindsay & Greg

Lindsay was one of the first friends I met in Japan and has been a life saver on more then one occasion throughout my year and a half living here.  She is seriously one of the kindest people I know and I have to say her and Greg are the cutest!  Couples are so much fun to photograph because when you have 60 minutes together, with a camera and conversations, they start to loosen up and I get to capture those intimate moments between two people who love each other (eeeek it makes my heart so happy!).  Photographing friends is even more fun because that friendship and connection has already been developed so they tend to be more comfortable in front of me (and the camera).  We had a lovely afternoon taking photos at my favorite temple.  I am so happy these two will now have photos that represent the many great memories of living in this beautiful country.  

Fall Minis: April & James

I am in LOVE with this couple! Is that even allowed? I never want to pick favorites, and I would never ever admit that that happens but these two are just fabulous! I feel like every photo I take of them is magical and their love just shines through in each photograph.  I am also super stoked to be using this location for my Fall Mini Sessions this year.  The trees are perfect and the temple look just gives you a feel of living in Japan.  Fall minis will be Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27.  If you are interested and want to book a time slot please fill out this form *limited space availble. - http://www.mirandaboller.com/fallminis 

Senior Session: Emily

Wow! Emily is such an incredible and beautiful person. She has spent majority of her life in Japan (again one of the super cool things of being a dependent in the military is the travel/living opportunities).  Her first language is Japanese (sooo jealous!) and she has been dancing since she was a little kid.  We started off this senior session by taking some nature photos at a park near base.  Then we adventured to Yamato to get some more Japanese feeling images of her in this fabulous ballroom gown she designed herself!  Such a lovely morning exploring our local town and capturing photos to remember her time here in Atsugi! 

Welcome Home VFA-115

Welcome Home, VFA-115! What a wonderful homecoming it was.  Being a part of the Helo community this is the first time I took photos of the Jets coming home and let me tell you it's pretty incredible to witness.  Each Jet landed, lined up and then together they opened their canopies as each pilot climbed out of the cockpit. All the pilots got in a line and started walking towards their loved ones with ROSES! Yes, you heard me right... they bring roses for their wives/children and it is just out of this world adorable.  Oh the anticipation and excitement was unreal as all the family members waited patiently for them to get out of the Jets. The patient waiting lasted for a few seconds before everyone started running towards their pilot to get hugs.  I looooove that both grandparents (parents of the pilot) were here for this fly off.  So much fun capturing these moments (and sometimes some happy tears too!). 

A Newborn

I photographed this family for Cherry Blossom Minis and it was such an honor to be asked to photograph their newborn baby girl.  Baby A is so precious and her brother just as cute as I remember him being during our session earlier this year.  I truly had a great time hanging out with their mom and getting these cute photos of baby A.  Mom had tons of ideas and we worked together to get the photos she was looking for.  I am so blessed to meet so many beautiful people and be a part of the wonderful families they have created together <3 <3   

Glaser Kids

This is my second time photographing this adorable family and I have to say they are quite troopers.  The first time we did a cherry blossom session and it rained.  This time it was super cold and windy, but they all still managed to have a great time and smile for the camera.  The location of this session was extra special because it is the park dad asked mom to marry him at (way before these three were even around heheh). We took a few photos at the picnic table where the actual engagement happened and then let the kids choose their favortite spot.  Fran choose a great rock next to the pond and Gus wanted some in their wagon.  Dad was even able to stop by and jump in for a few.  It's always a really fun time hanging out with this family <3 I am definitley going to miss them when I leave Japan.       

Senior Session: Lucas

Japan is such a wonderful place to live and how awesome to say you lived in Japan during high school?!? I spent the morning taking photos around Yamato with Lucas for his Senior portraits.  We then adventured to the baseball field to make sure we got some photos of him in his jersey and school jacket. It was quite a fun morning exploring and taking photographs.  Below are just a few of my favorites :)  

A and A Shichi-Go-San

These two were oh so cute in their traditional Japanese clothing. 七五三 ( Shichi-Go-San )(7-5-3) is a traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children at the age of 7, 5 and 3.  I love how their mom approached me about this themed photo session since November is the month Japanese children dress in kimonos and take photographs.  Like I have said before, photography is so often a collaboration and we had a great time getting some photographs of these two!  We used one of my favorite locations near Yamato and the best part was the whole family was there for the session. Grandma and Grandpa came along so we of course had to get a family photo of everyone at the end.  

Special thanks to their mom for capturing this fabulous behind the scenes photo of me <3

Fall Minis Outfit Ideas

I always get asked what is the best outfit or color to wear for my photo session? My advice is don’t wear matching outfits (the usual white t-shirt and jeans look).  Stay away from colors that you do not look good in (yes we all have those colors - yellow for me!) and lean more towards colors and a style you are the most comfortable in.  Coordinate with each other by choosing a simple non busy pattern and pull one of the solid colors in the pattern to connect each person.  You can also think of what colors you would want on your wall if you plan on printing any of the photos.  Also consider your location.  Do you want to stand out against everything or blend in with the environment?  The internet is a great tool for some visuals.  Take some time to google Fall family photos and see what people are wearing and which look you like better.  Some have fall colors of red/oranges/yellows to really pop and other use blues/navy/gray to have more of a neutral feel.  Which look do you find the most appealing?  It's really all about personal preference! Also, use Pinterest to research "Fall family outfit ideas" if you need some inspiration.  Feel free to contact me if you need help narrowing down some outfit ideas :) 

Photo idea pulled from Pinterest.

Fall Mini Sessions Sat NOV 26 and Sun NOV 27

I am so excited for Fall Mini Sessions this year.  This week I spent a few days finding the perfect location and found a local temple that is only 15 minutes from the east gate.  This location is so beautiful!  I can't wait to get for all my sessions planned.  I think it is really important to not only have a great looking location but a place that is not too hard to get to and top of the list - close by parking!  I never want my clients to show up to a session overly stressed.  We get way better photos when they are in a great mood :)  If you are interested in booking a  fall min session here is the link - http://www.mirandaboller.com/fallminis

Saturday photo sessions <3

I was told in college to pick one main focus in photography but was later informed by a wise man, photographer and friend (Thank you Douglas Kirkland) to never limit yourself to just one thing! So from Halloween Minis on Wednesday to glamorous Boudoir Minis today, I'm happily immersed in the beautiful world of creating unforgettable photographs with so many amazing people <3Thank you to everyone for letting me be a part of your life story! 

I had so much fun photographing boudoirs today and due to client privacy I can't share any of the photos but they are fabulous! If you are interested in booking a private boudoir party with some friends please contact me <3