Home Office: Busy Bee!

Today I am busy working on delivering galleries, website updates and blogging. Did you know that being a photographer is so much more than just taking photos?? Hahah, sometimes I forget as well and then I will remember it has been a year since I have updated my website. I am so thankful I have a home office to get all this work and more accomplished. My corner desk was purchased from Ikea over twelve years ago and I refuse to get another one because I love the white, clean and large space it provides. I have surrounded my editing desk with some of my all time favorite things: A framed print of Douglas and Marilyn Monroe hanging out after his session with her in 1961, My first ever personal framed photo from my graduation themed portfolio of: “products on location”, A portrait of Travis and me right next to my computer, My branding and color inspiration board kept on the wall, A 15% off blurb coupon to order some custom made books, A jar of succulents (my all time favorite plant!), Netflix on my iPad because I can’t get anything done surrounded by silence! My YETI full of ice cold water because water in just a glass here will melt in a heartbeat, A framed quote by Mark Twain “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” which was a gift from my mom AND we can not forget my fun teal curtains. This is just one corner of my office so stay tuned to learn more about what I surround myself with for daily inspiration, peace and just an overall happy heart!


Halloween in Key West!

Happy Halloween from Key West! Even though it has been super warm here lately we got a little bit of a fall look with this setup. This years Halloween minis were too cute: I had an adorable Flamingo and a Nemo. We also had some crazy looking zombies for the famous Zombie Bike Ride! I don’t think I can pick a favorite out of all these photos. Do you have a favorite??


Family: Cordani at Smathers Beach

Look at how adorable these two girls are? They had such fun attitudes this whole session (the little one even wanted some photos with her cute stuffed animal - kitty!) They even had the idea of getting in the water for one of our last photos. They have a photo tradition of including their favorite children book in their yearly family photos so we made sure to include a photo with that as well. This beautiful family won my free photo session giveaway this year! I love giving back to the community and every year give away a free photo session to a military family via FB. I couldn’t get this family to stop smiling - it was so nice to meet them and spend my evening taking photos on Smathers Beach.

Home Office: My Reading Nook

I really enjoy reading when I can make the time to do so. I decided the best spot to create a reading space would be in my office, because not only is this where I keep all my books, but it’s honestly my favorite spot in our house (minus hanging out on the front porch with my hubby during our cooler weather months). I stay very busy! When I am not partaking in fun photo sessions I am busy working as a server at Hogfish Bar & Grill. I try to make sure I have one day off a week to just unwind and relax, which very often involves curling up on this papasan in my office and reading a good book. Right now I am reading Tom Wolfe’s THE RIGHT STUFF - a great read about the first American’s to conquer space. Everything in my office sparks a huge amount of joy in me. It is saturated with wonderful memories, art and pieces I have collected from traveling all over the world. Below is a breakdown of some of the fun things in this photo! Stay tuned to learn more about my home office and what I do here on a weekly basis <3.


Halloween Minis

Ohhh October is my favorite time of the year. When you are not living in Key West, it’s FALL and the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors and man, oh man, it’s just wonderful. It’s my wedding anniversary month, my birthday month and Halloween!!. One of my other favorite parts of OCTOBER is Halloween Minis! Don’t miss out on these fun minis. They are only $50 a person/pet. Book your preferred time slot by filling out this form: http://www.mirandaboller.com/halloween


Yay! It was so exciting to finally meet my sweet niece, Josephine Perry! My mom, dad, sister and I stayed in a quaint apartment in PA for the week of my best friends wedding. I flew in from Key West and they made the drive up from VA so we could spend some extra time together and so I could get all the baby snuggles.

I brought along my camera so I could get a few photos for my sister. It was a dark apartment and since I didn’t pack any lights we had to open the front door and take photos in the door frame for the beautiful “natural window light”. I had to make sure we got a photo of grandma and grandpa with their first grand baby as well. I am a huge fan of these lifestyle photos and the interaction with family members and the new baby. You can see all the love baby Josie is surrounded by and it makes my heart so happy. Can’t wait to watch her grow and spoil her so much!


Maternity: Kourtney at Smathers Beach

Um HELLO Beautiful! Kourtney was absolutely glowing for this maternity session at Smathers Beach. I am a huge fan of the open belly dresses and she rocked this outfit like a model would. We made sure to include some family photos with her husband and two sons as well. I have to thank her sons for being my awesome assistants: they did a great job at holding up her dress and running out of my shot so we could get that floating dress look. My favorite part is how open she was to every idea and was super patient as I kept saying “one more photo” - us photographers sometimes we just can’t stop when we see the light! We were extra lucky to get some pinks in the sky and the moon was out for the last few photos. I can’t wait to find out if they have a baby girl or boy - they decided to wait till birth to find out and the suspense is killing me!


Family: Groves in Key West

It is the beginning of holiday photos! Most people wait to book their family photo sessions for holiday cards in November, but I love that this family was on it and booked right away! They just moved here from the west coast and are adjusting to the new Key West life style. Stephanie did such an awesome job of picking out outfits for everyone - such a great island vibe feel and they matched just perfectly. We started off the session with some beautiful green simple backgrounds and then adventured on to the palm tree look of Key West. We even got lucky with a bit of color in the sunset sky. I can’t wait to see which photo they pick for their card! <3

New Logo!

Woohoooo I am just sooo excited for my new logo. When I got married three years ago, I changed my last name and therefore had to change everything from Miranda Brackett Photography to Miranda Boller Photography. It was so hard to decide on the branding and logo look I wanted because although I hadn’t changed as a person or photographer it felt soooo weird to see my “new name”. I mean hello, I was Miranda Brackett for 30 years and now overnight was Miranda BOLLER. I worked with a designer to come up with something that felt different from all the other photographers out there.

The more I got use to my name, the more I really wanted a logo that I felt like not only represented me but my portfolio of work. So I sat down and played with a design that I feel is fun, flowing, easy going and yet simple, clean and to the point. I also had to include my favorite color of teal. I will be playing with a mixture of colors that all follow my love for the nature of outdoors, sea, palm trees and succulents. I hope you like it as much as I do and I can’t wait to start using it on everything! <3 <3


Cake Smash: Baby O

Happy First Birthday, Baby Olivia! 1. Look at that fabulous cake made by another military spouse - super cool and tasty! 2. How great is the outfit mom picked out for the Aloha themed cake smash? This cake smash was one for the books (in a good way of course!). Cake smashes go one way or the other, the child has no interest in the cake and wants to crawl everywhere or they just smash away and start eating it. Cake smashes take a lot of patience from everyone for this reason - heheh. We had to put Olivia in front of the cake numerous times to get her interested in eating it and she was willing to get her fingers dirty but the REAL cake smash didn't start until her brother decided he wanted some cake too. It was HILARIOUS to watch Olivia's face as her brother dug into her cake. He was quite the cake smash pro! I love that this happened and we just let them do their thing, because it created some pretty adorable and funny brother and sister cake smashing photos. They did a number on the cake and we were left with just crumbs by the end. Well done team, well done! 



Still not sure what to get that special someone in your life this holiday season? How about some beautiful photos of yourself?!? For the rest of the year I am offering a holiday special of only $300 per person if you and two of your friends book the same day. We will determine the date that works best for you and your friends (or someone you know interested in having Boudoir photos!). The day will be separated out in time slots for hair/makeup and the photos so you have the option of hanging out and drinking champagne together or just arriving during your time slot. Boudoir photos take place in the comfort and privacy of my own home. We do hair and makeup in the kitchen and all photos are taken in the bedroom and my office. YOU DO NOT have to get nude or even down to bra and underwear. We can always do super cute photos of you with a t-shirt and shorts or your significant others favorite shirt. I never promote or use any of your photos without consent and everyone must sign a contract. 

If you can't find anyone to join you I am offering $100 off my normal Boudoir packages:  http://www.mirandaboller.com/boudoirsession/ 

Testimonials from sessions: "I had been wanting to get boudoir photos taken for a while, and when I saw Miranda’s promo, I signed up on a whim. I was extremely nervous to take photos like these with someone I didn’t know, but as soon I got there, she and her staff made me feel completely comfortable. It was so great to get pampered beforehand as well. I would recommend Miranda for any photos you might need. My photos turned out amazing, and I’m left with a newfound self confidence! Thank you so much!" -  S.B.

"I was very nervous about getting out of my comfort zone and posing in front of the camera, but the minute I walked in, Miranda and her crew immediately made me feel at ease. Their presence were warm, relaxing and fun-loving. They guided me throughout the photo shoot that made my fears and anxieties turn into excitement.  My session was so much more than I expected, we had an incredible time and they made me feel absolutely beautiful and sexy despite my insecurities. I love how my photos turned out and I definitely had an amazing experience." - J.C. 

"Miranda is an excellent and talented photographer that I would wholeheartedly recommend to any woman seeking some special photographs. Her friendly personality and professional nature made me feel comfortable and she was very encouraging throughout the entire shoot" - N.B. 



INTRODUCING holiday minis with your choice of three different locations! Holiday minis are $175 and include: 20 minute session with an online viewing gallery and 10 digital downloads. Please book a session by filling out this form: http://www.mirandaboller.com/holidayminis

*As always, I thank previous clients by giving them more photos each time they hire me. So all previous clients get more than 10 images for this mini session! 


Children: Happy 1 Year Baby J!

Baby J is just the cutest - I mean hello L O O K at those CURLS! I've been one lucky photographer in that I got to photograph J at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and with his mom for mommy & me minis. So I was really looking forward to seeing this family again for Baby J's ONE YEAR photos. We chose a grassy location on base so he could be free and crawl around everywhere. We even came across an iguana on the rocks and had to get a photo with it in the background. No one year photo session is complete without some photos with mom and dad so we got plenty of those photos as well. It seriously makes me the happiest person ever to photograph these three! <3 <3 



Military Giveaway <3 WIN A F R E E PHOTO SESSION! To enter you must be in the military or a dependent. Follow the directions below:

1. Like Miranda Boller Photography

2. Like THE post on FACEBOOK

3. Comment ON the Facebook Post: What is/was your favorite summer vacation?

Winner will be picked at random on Friday, September 7th and announced via FB!


Ali & Michael

THESE TWO! I just can't. They are soooo adorable and so much in love! My heart was melting the whole session. We did two locations for their engagement photos. First was West Martello Tower** located next to Higgs Beach. This location was beautiful with so much greenery, a lovely gazebo, banyan tree, palms and flowers. A great place to get so many different photos. From the tower we adventured over to Fort Zachary Beach. At this location Ali and Michael were able to let loose and get super playful. We did some walking on the beach and feet in the water photos. At the end of our session Ali and Michael were willing to climb the rocks and jump into the water. I love the playful and romantic photos we got from these moments. They also had a seagrass war on their way back to the beach, which made for some pretty fun action photos. Both of these locations allowed for two different kind of "feels" photos. A more classy greenery session and a more playful beach session. I am so excited these two are a part of my life and looking forward to photographing their wedding day in November! 

**Please note if you would like to use this location for a session they charge $100 for professional photography so that amount would have to be applied to our session. 


Madeleine & Aaron

I am absolutely in LOVE with banyan trees and Key West has quite a few I get to admire when walking around town. This one is probably my favorite one on the island because people can stand inside the tree and be wrapped up in all it's glory. It was so much fun photographing my friends Madeleine and Aaron for banyan mini sessions. They are just so adorable together and the session was full of so much laughter! I am now offering Banyan Mini's for only $99 until the end of this year. Please message me if you have any questions or would like to book a session! 


Family: Louwsma

My favorite thing about photo sessions is that I get to meet so many new people and hear their personal stories! I love that I always take photos at Smathers Beach, but every session is so different. The light is different, sometimes we get a beautiful sunset and sometimes it's just cloudy and sometimes we are even competing with weddings! This time around we had three weddings going on in the background. Each session is different and fun in it's own way because I feel like the people mix with the location to make it their own. This was definitely one of those sessions. Kirston and her family were in town for the weekend and wanted some updated photos. She loves palm trees so I really focused on having those in every photo. We also made sure to get a lot of photos of just "mom and dad". I feel like these photos are so often forgotten when kids come into the picture and they are still just as important. Their love was so beautiful! I feel so honored they hired me for this session while they were visiting Key West! How did I get so lucky?!? 


Photo Session: What to Wear

I always get asked what is the best outfit or color to wear for my photo session? My advice is don’t wear matching outfits (the usual white t-shirt and jeans look). Coordinate with each other by choosing a simple non busy pattern (avoid large graphics and logos) and pull one of the solid colors in the pattern to connect each person. Stay away from colors that you do not look good in (yes we all have those colors - yellow for me!) and lean more towards colors and a style you are the most comfortable in. You want to feel good in what you wear! You can also think of what colors you would want on your wall if you plan on printing any of the photos.

Consider your location. Most sessions in Key West will take place on the beach. Do you want to stand out against the location or blend in with it? The internet is a great tool for some visuals as well as my blog with different sessions. Take some time to google or Pinterest family photos and see what people are wearing and which "look" you like best. Some have light pinks/whites and they blend in more with the environment and others use blues/teals/purples to stand out more.  Which look do you find the most appealing? It's all about personal preference! If you want to get super adventurous and work with color palettes this website is very useful - https://www.design-seeds.com/by-color

Remember the beach can be windy so be prepared to pin your hair up or out of the way if that is something that could bug you. Feel free to contact me if you need help narrowing down some outfit ideas :) 

Below are some ideas I found on Pinterest! 

Maternity: Shaydee

I first met Shaydee last month when she took my photography course with her friend. We spent two hours talking about photography and getting to know each other. I was sooo excited to get to meet the rest of her beautiful family and photograph them at Smathers beach! We had a sunset session that included two outfit changes. Hellooo look at that gorgeous turquoise dressssss :) :) The palm trees are getting super full after the hurricane destroyed them and I loved having them in the background throughout this session (we all know the beach is more than just water and sand hehe!). It was so hard to narrow down all my favorites from this session!


Children: T, A & L

Look at these cuties! I spent my evening photographing these three on Smathers Beach. L was in town with her mom visiting family and they wanted some photos of all three of the kids together. L was a little bit afraid of the sand but she did a great job being only 17 months! T, being the oldest of the three was such a little model and all smiles with her sister, A. We had a lot of laughs together :) Man oh man, I really do love my job! Also, can't get over how fun Smathers beach is for some many different photo looks (grass, beach, trees, walkway and rocks).