Headshots: Kourtney

My beautiful friend, Kourtney got a new job in management and needed some updated headshots. So we did a session with my light studio setup at my house. I made sure to get tons of different looks - hair up and down and with the jacket on and off because you never know what “look” a company will want as the final photo. It also gives Kourtney the opportunity to use the different photos in the future. I am so glad she thought of me for this session as studio lighting is what I was originally trained in even though now I mainly do all outdoor natural lighting.


Cherry Blossoms: Eimilly & William

THESE TWO! What a wonderful way to wrap up my cherry blossom minis. They were my last subjects for the day and I had way too much fun with them. They are newlyweds who got married in the courthouse and never had photos taken of them together (no engagement or wedding!) so needless to say there was a lot of pressure on my end to do a great job. Eimilly gave me a heads up she was super nervous about how awkward they are at taking photos. I personally found them to be playful and very much in love in front of the camera. We spent a good amount of time wandering around the cherry blossom trees and talking about everything. We discussed how they loved my photo style of “fun, bright and airy” which is exactly how I would describe my portfolio as well. That compliment made my heart the happiest. I found out Eimilly has been living in Japan for over ten years. I am so jealous she has been in Japan for so long! As they were leaving they said they had a great time and felt super comfortable with me. Seriously, the open, honest love and energy these two had left me feeling fantastic. I wish everyone we encountered in life was like these two! <3 (not that I don’t love my other clients, but all the great feels with these two for sure!)


Cherry Blossoms: Gordon Family

This session was super special to everyone because this baby’s middle name is Sakura - how adorable is that?!?! So Sakura season is obviously very important! I had four wonderful morning sessions for Cherry Blossom minis and kicked off my evening session with this lovely family. The sun also started to come out which gave the flowers more of a white, bright look. I love that this family included their first baby (Ace their pup!) as I am a huge fan of all dogs. The river walk was pretty busy for hanami, but we tried our best to get photos without anyone else in them. I just can’t get over how lucky I am to have met so many great people while visiting Japan and that they all trusted me to photograph their cherry blossom story.


Cherry Blossoms: Fox Family

I try to get creative during every photo session. I make sure to get all the “perfect” looking photos with a mix of mom and dad, dad and kids, mom and kids etc. but I also like to throw in some different angles or styles depending on the clients I am photographing. I also ask if anyone has any ideas of a photo they would like from the session. This mom had a brilliant idea of having the cherry blossoms in focus and all of them blurry in the background. It might actually be my all time favorite photo from these minis. Everyone in this family was pretty stoked for their Sakura session, except the youngest who was having a really bad day. Poor mom was really bummed about it since this was my only day I was doing cherry blossom minis, but we made the most of it and for some of the photos you can’t even tell he was having a crying breakdown - poor buds!




Wohooo! I finally saved enough money from all my photo sessions to pay for a new camera. It has been a long time coming since my other camera was from 2013. I upgraded one step up to the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I have been playing around with it all day, setting up my favorite custom features. I am excited to be able to take photos in even lower light, which means more time past sunset for moonlight photos! This also means I may need to invest in a new hard drive to backup all my photos. These files are much larger than my previous canon camera!

I wanted to make sure I had this new camera before heading to Japan for Cherry Blossom minis. Wohoo! I can’t wait to get back to Japan and take tons of photos :)

Children: Baby J at Ft. Zach Key West

My sister came to visit with my adorable niece and I could not pass up the opportunity to get some photos of them two together. My all time favorite location in Key West is Smathers, because it is such a beautiful beach to photograph with palm trees, rocks, grass and the blue water. However, I wanted to adventure around Ft. Zachary in order to scout locations for future sessions and my sister was all about being my test model. My ultimate favorite photo of them is the first one, which was a true candid I captured when she didn’t know I was still taking photos…. It makes my heart melt how happy baby J is to look at her mom. I literally can’t get over those baby cheeks and chunky thighs. <3 I know I am bias, but is she not the cutest baby ever?!?!


Mallory & Gary Wedding at Bahia Honda

I don’t usually photograph weddings anymore, but when Mallory’s mom got in touch with me about photographing her daughter’s wedding I couldn’t say no! Mallory is a fabulous photographer here in the Keys and I have loved getting to know her and admire the great photos she takes. Their big wedding date isn’t until November, but as is very common for many in the military, Mallory and Gary had a small ceremony to tie the knot ASAP. They chose to get married at the gorgeous Bahia Honda with the infamous bridge in the background. Her mom and I decided to surprise Mallory, so she had no idea I was going to be there to document the day! That made this even more special. Talk about a lot of pressure to photograph another photographer - hahah - but it was such a fun evening full of so much love. Here are a few of my top favorites from the ceremony. The newly married couple photos will be on the blog soon. :)


Valentine Minis

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of tons of LOVE! Valentine minis were this week in order to get the photos back before Valentine’s Day and it was cuteness overload! This time I gave away three sessions to Coast Guard families in order to show appreciation for all their hard work and give back during the government shutdown. It was so fun to meet all these cuties and get to see some previous clients as well. Here are some of my top favorites, even though it was very difficult for me to narrow them down to just four per session.


Children: Baby A Turns One!

What a wonderful photo adventure I have had with this family! I have been a part of baby A’s photo story before she was even born when I took maternity photos of beautiful Andrea. It was so much fun being a part of baby A’s one year photos at Smathers Beach. We started off this session by taking some family photos and then waited for the sunset to get some individual baby photos. Andrea provided all the perfect props for the photos. I mean, hello?! look at that cute chair!! We were also super lucky to get the most magical sunset ever. The cotton candy colors were divine. Happy Birthday to this sweet pea <3


Children: Baby B!

I love that baby B’s mom wanted to get some photos of her son before he turned one, at the half way mark of 6 months. We took photos at my favorite location - Smathers Beach as we had tons of different photo spots to work with. Baby B was so smiley and looked at the camera for almost every single photo. I loved the outfit change ideas as well - the bowtie and tie were just too cute!!! We were also super blessed to get one of the prettiest sunsets ever for this session. You never know what the sunset will look like and this one was AHMAZING! Happy 6 months to this cutie pie!


Maternity: Amanda at Smathers Beach

My best friend came to visit me in Key West and we planned a sunrise maternity session at Smathers beach. It ended up being a pretty stormy morning, but it was the only time we had set aside for the session so we went ahead and embraced the stormy blue clouds! I had never seen the tide so low, so we took full advantage of walking out in the water and standing on rocks that are not always visible. Her dark maroon dress added the perfect amount of contrast. I am so excited to be an auntie to her baby girl due in May!! :) Now if only I didn’t live so far away from her.


Cake Smash: Baby I

Cake Smashes are so much fun! We started off this session with some Wonder Woman themed photos since that was the party theme for Baby I’s 1st birthday party. Hello, look at how cute that I’M ONE DER WOMAN shirt is! Then we adventured on to the cake smash photos with the pretty pink themed banner and cake. Baby I had a blast eating her birthday cake and even made sure to stick her feet in the cake every once in a while. Happy First Birthday, Baby I! :)


Maternity: Helen at Smathers Beach

Helen and her husband were visiting Miami from Russia and wanted to get some beach themed maternity photos. Helen came prepared with two outfit changes so we made sure to get as many photos as we could! It was such a pleasure spending the evening at Smathers Beach with these two. Maternity photos are some of my all time favorite and I always recommend new mama’s to be to make sure they sign up for a session. It is such a huge moment in life, growing a baby and waiting patiently for him or her to join the rest of us in this beautiful world. It’s a time in life that should be cherished and celebrated!


Family: Freedenberg at Smathers

I love this photo story! Caroline (far left in the first photo) planned a surprise photo session for her mother-in-law (Vicki). Is that not the cutest story every? The best part about this story is they convinced their mom that they all had to wear semi-matching outfits because they were going to the beach for try outs to get on an episode of the game show Family Feud. Hearing that brought back so many great memories as I would watch game shows with my grandpa all the time as a kid growing up. The game show lie totally worked, Vicki had no idea they were actually going to the beach for a photo session. When they broke the news as to why they were actually at the beach, she started crying happy tears and it was the best moment ever - I should have taken photos - hahah, but I was also just so excited to see how happy she was and tell her our plan of taking photos for the next 45 minutes! This family has three men all close in age like me and my sisters and Vicki is super pumped about having another lady in the family now. My dad was the same way when my sister and I got married and two men became a part of our family. I just love how families grow with time. Everyone has such a beautiful story and I am so grateful I get to be a part of so many photo moments. <3


Family: Key West Island Vibes

This family has been coming to Key West to vacation for many years and wanted some updated photos during their holiday trip this year. They didn’t want to do beach photos, and threw out the idea of taking photos around Duval St. As much as I love my Smathers Beach location, I was totally up for the challenge of something different! I spent the week before scouting some spots I thought would look great and together we walked around our small island taking photos at different locations. We started at the Thirsty Mermaid and took photos across the street at this teal wall and then with the buoys hanging down from the entrance of the store (so Key West!). We continued to the famous mile zero sign, my favorite Banyan tree (the tree of life!), some beautiful bougainvilleas in full bloom, Truman houses, the docks by downtown and then finished our session on Duval St. with famous Sloppy Joes in the background. I love that this family was all about walking around and they were super patient with moving from location to location to get a variety of photos. I am so excited they now have tons of photos that represent Key West and hope they love the photos as much as I do!!!


Family: Ramunni at Truman

I photographed this cute baby for Halloween minis where he was dressed up as the most adorable Nemo! So I was super excited to see all three of them again for their holiday photos. It really is such an honor to meet so many wonderful people and be a part of their story while living here in Key West. I was super nervous about moving to another town and starting all over (it’s not easy as you can imagine!) however I have had many repeat clients this year and it honestly means the world to me! We had such a fun time catching up and exploring Truman beach. I am looking forward to hopefully taking more photos of these threeeeee soon! <3


Family: Heuchling at Smathers Beach

Smathers for the win! It seriously is a photographers playground with all the locations to take photos at. It also doesn’t hurt when you get to photograph a lovely family here. We started off this session on the walkway to the beach and their daughter was full of tons of smiles. She was even super helpful on holding her baby brother for a few photos - my heart was melting!! We then continued to the beach grass - I just love the soft green look and the hazy backlighting as it flows perfectly with my passion for bright and airy photographs. Mom had some fun holiday props that we included in a few photos. Such a great idea since the only thing Christmas feeling in Key West is the holiday lights you see everywhere. We ended the session with a few single photos of their baby and their daughter had a mini session dressed up as a princess from Frozen. The loving energy of this whole family sure did make my evening :) :) How do I get so lucky to meet so many nice, wonderful and fun people?!?


Family: Schilling at Truman

Ohh holiday minis are just way too much fun!! I had such a wonderful evening chasing the sun at Truman beach with this family. They recently moved to Key West so it was such an honor to be their photographer for their holiday cards this year. I can’t get over how cute these two blonde girls are. They were all smiles for the camera and their pink dresses worked magically against the palm trees and sunset sky. I am looking forward to getting to know this family more in the last year Travis and I are here.

Maternity: Yasmeen at Sunrise

Oh my goodness I am so convinced I photographed a goddess this past week. Look at how amazing the sunrise was for this beauty! I am not much of a morning person, but I will wake up any day at sunrise for a photo session, especially down here in Key West. We spent a good 45 minutes exploring all the colors this sunrise and Smathers beach had to offer. Yasmeen and Joey were the cutest and I am so happy they trusted me to tell their story of their first pregnancy! :) Congrats to these two!


A Key West Christmas!

My friend, Marta, had such a great idea for her holiday card this year. She wanted to take photos in downtown Key West with all the Christmas decorations. It was seriously, such a cute idea! She didn’t want anything formal so all three of them showed up in PJ’s. We even included her youngest daughter’s favorite stuffed bunny! Talk about a fun, goofy and laid back session. We got to the wharf area before sunrise and took time exploring all the decorated areas including: palm trees, sail boats, lobster traps, various Christmas trees and light up flamingos. A very Key West Christmas session it was.

I loved this idea so much I may just use it as an option for Holiday Minis next year! :) Stay tuned!