Palm Trees

Family: Smathers Beach

Major props to this family!! This was by far the windiest photo session I have ever had in Key West. Normally I would reschedule, but this extended family was in town for only the weekend so we didn’t have any other days we could do this session. However, I also believe that capturing photos when the whole family is together is super important, because you never know when everyone will be back together again in one place. Who cares if your hair isn’t perfect or the sky doesn’t deliver sunset colors - it’s all about getting family photos together that will last for generations to come. I’ve photographed Alyssa and her immediate family many times now and I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know them. It was such an honor that she asked me to be her photographer for some extended family photos. I loved getting to meet her mom, dad and brother’s family while they were in town. We made sure to get some photos of each couple as well and all the grandkids with nonna and nonno. Special thanks to Alyssa and her mom for nailing the outfit coordination for this session!


Family: Tocco at Smathers Beach

Oh it is my favorite time of the year at Smathers Beach where the sun sets through all the palm trees and the light is BEAUTIFUL! I am literally obsessed and had to remind myself to make sure we got photos with the water as well. This mom contacted me about a mommy and me mini session and then last minute changed it to a family session. I am so glad she did because it was so fun to get to know her little ones and husband as we strolled along the beach to get various photos in different locations. When the kiddos needed a break we made sure to get some couple photos as well… In my opinion you can never have too many photos of each other :)

Children: Baby B!

I love that baby B’s mom wanted to get some photos of her son before he turned one, at the half way mark of 6 months. We took photos at my favorite location - Smathers Beach as we had tons of different photo spots to work with. Baby B was so smiley and looked at the camera for almost every single photo. I loved the outfit change ideas as well - the bowtie and tie were just too cute!!! We were also super blessed to get one of the prettiest sunsets ever for this session. You never know what the sunset will look like and this one was AHMAZING! Happy 6 months to this cutie pie!


Maternity: Amanda at Smathers Beach

My best friend came to visit me in Key West and we planned a sunrise maternity session at Smathers beach. It ended up being a pretty stormy morning, but it was the only time we had set aside for the session so we went ahead and embraced the stormy blue clouds! I had never seen the tide so low, so we took full advantage of walking out in the water and standing on rocks that are not always visible. Her dark maroon dress added the perfect amount of contrast. I am so excited to be an auntie to her baby girl due in May!! :) Now if only I didn’t live so far away from her.


Maternity: Helen at Smathers Beach

Helen and her husband were visiting Miami from Russia and wanted to get some beach themed maternity photos. Helen came prepared with two outfit changes so we made sure to get as many photos as we could! It was such a pleasure spending the evening at Smathers Beach with these two. Maternity photos are some of my all time favorite and I always recommend new mama’s to be to make sure they sign up for a session. It is such a huge moment in life, growing a baby and waiting patiently for him or her to join the rest of us in this beautiful world. It’s a time in life that should be cherished and celebrated!


Family: Freedenberg at Smathers

I love this photo story! Caroline (far left in the first photo) planned a surprise photo session for her mother-in-law (Vicki). Is that not the cutest story every? The best part about this story is they convinced their mom that they all had to wear semi-matching outfits because they were going to the beach for try outs to get on an episode of the game show Family Feud. Hearing that brought back so many great memories as I would watch game shows with my grandpa all the time as a kid growing up. The game show lie totally worked, Vicki had no idea they were actually going to the beach for a photo session. When they broke the news as to why they were actually at the beach, she started crying happy tears and it was the best moment ever - I should have taken photos - hahah, but I was also just so excited to see how happy she was and tell her our plan of taking photos for the next 45 minutes! This family has three men all close in age like me and my sisters and Vicki is super pumped about having another lady in the family now. My dad was the same way when my sister and I got married and two men became a part of our family. I just love how families grow with time. Everyone has such a beautiful story and I am so grateful I get to be a part of so many photo moments. <3


Family: Ramunni at Truman

I photographed this cute baby for Halloween minis where he was dressed up as the most adorable Nemo! So I was super excited to see all three of them again for their holiday photos. It really is such an honor to meet so many wonderful people and be a part of their story while living here in Key West. I was super nervous about moving to another town and starting all over (it’s not easy as you can imagine!) however I have had many repeat clients this year and it honestly means the world to me! We had such a fun time catching up and exploring Truman beach. I am looking forward to hopefully taking more photos of these threeeeee soon! <3


Family: Heuchling at Smathers Beach

Smathers for the win! It seriously is a photographers playground with all the locations to take photos at. It also doesn’t hurt when you get to photograph a lovely family here. We started off this session on the walkway to the beach and their daughter was full of tons of smiles. She was even super helpful on holding her baby brother for a few photos - my heart was melting!! We then continued to the beach grass - I just love the soft green look and the hazy backlighting as it flows perfectly with my passion for bright and airy photographs. Mom had some fun holiday props that we included in a few photos. Such a great idea since the only thing Christmas feeling in Key West is the holiday lights you see everywhere. We ended the session with a few single photos of their baby and their daughter had a mini session dressed up as a princess from Frozen. The loving energy of this whole family sure did make my evening :) :) How do I get so lucky to meet so many nice, wonderful and fun people?!?


Family: Schilling at Truman

Ohh holiday minis are just way too much fun!! I had such a wonderful evening chasing the sun at Truman beach with this family. They recently moved to Key West so it was such an honor to be their photographer for their holiday cards this year. I can’t get over how cute these two blonde girls are. They were all smiles for the camera and their pink dresses worked magically against the palm trees and sunset sky. I am looking forward to getting to know this family more in the last year Travis and I are here.

Maternity: Yasmeen at Sunrise

Oh my goodness I am so convinced I photographed a goddess this past week. Look at how amazing the sunrise was for this beauty! I am not much of a morning person, but I will wake up any day at sunrise for a photo session, especially down here in Key West. We spent a good 45 minutes exploring all the colors this sunrise and Smathers beach had to offer. Yasmeen and Joey were the cutest and I am so happy they trusted me to tell their story of their first pregnancy! :) Congrats to these two!


Maternity: Julia at Smathers Beach

Meet Julia and Anton! This whole session I kept saying to myself "Is this real life???" For real, I was drooling (in my mind) on how beautiful, real, sexy and loving this couple was towards each other. These two lovebirds are from Russia, which was super cool to find out! It was fun to watch as Julia had to translate a lot of my English on the posing instructions - If you have met me I speak super fast, hahah and when I get excited about photography I am sure I speak super duper fast.

They drove down from Miami to have me take their photos - eeeekkk! The pressure was REAL. We spent a lovely evening chasing the sunlight and waiting for the sun to set to get that super soft, colorful light - my favorite! It was wonderful finishing our photo session in the water - I am madly in LOVE with those photos as the water was smooth as glass. I had way too many favorites from this, but below are my top ones.

We chitchatted a lot about life and travel. I really felt like these two were my best friends by the end of this session. Julia gave me the best compliment ever as they were leaving. She said before the session she was super nervous about how to move and what to do. However, I was super friendly and made it easy for her by all my directing and pose ideas. I LOVED hearing that, as it is always my goal to make each session as easy as possible and stress free for everyone!


Family: Cochran at Truman

These three. I just can’t! They were recommended to me by another friend I photographed and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet them. We took their holiday photos at Trumbo so we got a nice mix of the green bush, which I just love for a Christmas feel, and then wandered the beach for a bit to get some Key West feeling photos. Their sweet child was such a free spirit and wanted to explore on her own so I made sure to get some of just her on the beach. Check out that AHMAZZZINNGG sunset we got as well! I feel like these cotton candy kind of sunsets are so rare and man, oh man they are breathtaking!


Kacie & Justin

Kacie and Justin were visiting from Maryland and wanted some fun beach photos with palm trees! If you have been to MD, you know they sort of lack in the beautiful palm trees that Key West offers. I was so excited to meet this couple since I was born and raised in northern VA. We took our time exploring my all time favorite location, Smathers Beach and taking some updated photos. I LOVE photography (obviously!) and love when I meet other couples that are totally in to updating their couple photos for their home and social media. I try to make an effort to do this every year, because you never really know what will happen. It’s so important to try and live and take in every moment and if you can record it with a professional photographer that is a win, win! It made my week that I was able to get some photos of these lovebirds while they were in town for the boat races.


Megan & Christian

I am one lucky photographer! I seriously walk away from so many photo sessions thinking, “Man those were some really cool people!” This was one of those sessions where I felt like I had been friends with this couple for a lifetime. They were so laidback, open to any little idea I had for their photos and full of so much laughter. They also brought their whole family (cough, cough dogs!) so I was even more in love with every moment of this holiday mini. We took our time walking around Truman Beach and chasing the sunset to get some different photos.

I honestly can’t pick my favorite between the palm trees, bushes, beach grass and plain blue water! I am so happy these four have crossed paths with me and I really hope we have some more photo sessions in the future. <3 <3


Family: Cordani at Smathers Beach

Look at how adorable these two girls are? They had such fun attitudes this whole session (the little one even wanted some photos with her cute stuffed animal - kitty!) They even had the idea of getting in the water for one of our last photos. They have a photo tradition of including their favorite children book in their yearly family photos so we made sure to include a photo with that as well. This beautiful family won my free photo session giveaway this year! I love giving back to the community and every year give away a free photo session to a military family via FB. I couldn’t get this family to stop smiling - it was so nice to meet them and spend my evening taking photos on Smathers Beach.

Maternity: Shaydee

I first met Shaydee last month when she took my photography course with her friend. We spent two hours talking about photography and getting to know each other. I was sooo excited to get to meet the rest of her beautiful family and photograph them at Smathers beach! We had a sunset session that included two outfit changes. Hellooo look at that gorgeous turquoise dressssss :) :) The palm trees are getting super full after the hurricane destroyed them and I loved having them in the background throughout this session (we all know the beach is more than just water and sand hehe!). It was so hard to narrow down all my favorites from this session!


Family: Cacciola

I had the pleasure of photographing Roy and Andrea for their maternity session and once their baby was born we had a newborn session as well. It's always great to get to know the people I photograph and be a part of capturing their life moments. Baby A's grandma, grandpa and uncle were in town and they wanted some updated photos for their home. So we went to my all time favorite location, Smathers beach and took all sorts of family photos including: the whole family, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa and a mix of different poses. We even took some with sunglasses since it seems quite appropriate for Key West's sunny weather. We ended the session with a beautiful sunset! It can sometimes be a challenge to get a three month to look at the camera, but baby A was very well behaved and gave us some glances and smiles every once and a while. I had such a wonderful time getting to know this whole family and they made me laugh a lot during this session! Interested in booking a family session of your own?? Feel free to message me with any questions 310.488.8654 


Family: Linberg

This fun family of five brought tons of smiles and laughter to our photo session. Mom did such a great job on the outfit coordination and it worked so well with this Smathers beach location. We spent some time on the beach and on the entrance walkway, which is one of my many favorite parts of this Key West beach! We also made sure to get a few of just mom and dad. Love is so sweet, isn't it? <3


Danielle & Chris

I love taking photos for friends especially when they use them for their holiday cards! Danielle and Chris wanted to make sure they included their two pups in some of the photos so we did a beach session. The water was so clear and the sky a perfect hue of blue. Loving this session and the awesome jumping photo that Danielle mastered on the first try! 


Carey & Michael

Carey and Michael were visiting Key West from brrrrr cold New Jersey and wanted some couple photographs taken. This was a super special session to me for many reasons :) I LOVE taking photos of couples and there never needs to be an occasion, besides just loving each other and wanting updated photos! When I mentioned how pretty the light is in the morning they both said they were down for a sunrise session and man, oh man was it worth getting up super early for these photos. The sunrise was spectacular with pretty purples, blues and pinks! After we took a few photographs on the beach, we jumped in my car and drove around the island to some of my favorite photo locations. I've been a professional photographer for over ten years but one of the grand challenges about always moving for the military is having to find new photo spots, be inspired all over again and find new clients. A huge thank you to Carey and Michael for hiring me for this session, as being a new photographer to the Key West area they took a chance and I hope it paid off. Such a wonderful morning getting to know these two and exploring our little islands best spots <3